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The Ultimate Guide to Long Form Content

Google loves information - this is no secret. Publishing quality content is crucial for capturing interest, generating traffic, and driving sales.

However, publishing any old content isn't enough. Long form content is the best way to help you to be found, and it makes it easier to rank in the search results.

That's why you need it - what it is, and how to write it, is covered in this free guide.

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What is it?

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What's the value?

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How to write it

More and more businesses are realising the potential in publishing quality guides and articles on their websites: it captures interest, traffic and ultimately can develop both brand awareness and conversions.

However, just publishing content isn’t enough. You need your content to be found and to be recognised as having value by search engine bots.

This is where long form content comes in. Long form content helps you to be found, makes it easier to rank in results pages and ultimately drives traffic to your website.

It’s not always easy to get right, so read these tips and tricks to perfect your long form content and drive traffic to your website.

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