The Complete Guide to        Helpful Content

You may have seen Google’s recent ‘Helpful Content Update’... and it might have even impacted your site’s visibility.

To clamp down on poor quality content, Google created its ‘Helpful Content System’, to determine whether content is helpful and therefore worthy of visibility.

But, unfortunately for some, the impacts weren’t just reserved for spam websites - and it can be harder to write ‘helpful’ content than you may think… which is why that update may have impacted you.

In this whitepaper, we take you through everything you need to know about ‘helpful content’ - from what it actually is and how to write it, to the recent update and what to do about it.

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What is "helpful content"?

Join us in this section to take a deeper look into exactly what constitutes helpful content in the eyes of Google 👀


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A look at Google's guidelines

What should/shouldn't you be including in your content to make it "helpful"? What does Google have to say? We take a look at the exact guidelines laid out by Google and give an expert overview.


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The impacts of the helpful content update

Google likes to keep their cards close to their chest when it comes to the inner workings of the algorithm. Therefore, in this section, we look at the impacts of the update from the findings of experts within the industry, as well as our own evidence from client campaigns.


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How to write "helpful content"

This is the section that outlines our expert recommendations for creating helpful content for your website. Making use of Google’s guidance, industry analysis and our own case studies.

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Meet the expert author...

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Liam Taft

SEO Team Leader

Liam is an SEO Team Leader with a background in journalism. They're passionate about E-A-T, ethical SEO and devising content strategies that get clients results.

They have worked on a variety of successful projects at The SEO Works, helping a number of clients achieve better rankings, higher traffic, and more customers online!